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Is it a Bad Idea to Promote Adoptable Kittens on Craigslist

No matter where you post kittens--social media, online listservs, or even on a flyer at your church--you should simply be directing people to an application process that will help you find good adopters. Rather than dramatically demonizing specific websites like Craigslist or NextDoor, let's focus on the fact that when we cast a wide net for adopters and use an effective application process, we save more lives and reach more people!


WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL Insta: emiliesmitth Twitter: evilemilie Email: emilieselfies@icloud.com **I do not recommend meeting with strangers from craigslist** Miami Dade Animal Shelter is at full capacity! Please consider rescuing these animals instead of adopting from breeders. They need homes :)

Craigslist ad to re-home cat changes local man's life

A Craigslist ad to find a cat a home quickly went viral and generated thousands of dollars.

i rescued a cat from a craigslist ad

i love u sloan with all my heart twitter.com/dxbcxrt instagram @katpedalty

Adopting A Kitten From Craigslist! Meet Benji!

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Buying a Dog from Craigslist Nightmare - #shorts

First things first… the dog was purchased on Craigslist. That alone should answer a bunch of questions, right? Many of you Guys Have seen the video that follows the first clip. Some of you thought it was all fake and so on. But it’s really real and serious. I thought it would be best if I rewind it and took it from the top from you…. This is how it all started from what I can gather. This is Part one of the Video. Part Two will be on the way....

Only on craigslist

Can't make this stuff up if you paid me

When you meet your soulmate on Craigslist


Tips for Getting Pets off Craigslist

I hope you found today's video insightful! I get asked a lot where I get my animals from, and many times I find them for rescue or rehoming on Craigslist. I always recommend adoption, rehoming, and rescuing, so that is why I decided to film this video. These tips could also be applied to Gumtree, Kijiji, etc. Let me know if you have any questions down below! Please use the timestamps to help navigate the video. -Navigating Craigslist Pets...

People Who Hate Cats Meet Kittens

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Cat hiding in box spring, sold on Craigslist

PORTLAND, Oregon (WKRC) -- An Oregon couple launched a frantic search after a treasured pet was accidentally carried off with a Craigslist sale. For 10 days, the couple wondered where "Camo" could be. They had no idea the cat was hiding in a mattress they sold on Craigslist. "Camo" apparently liked to hide in the hole inside the box spring. After posting messages on Craigslist, someone near the mattresses' new home spotted the...