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I Drove Through The WORST Parts Of New Hampshire. This Is What I Saw.

The worst areas of New Hampshire are really bad. Wow! For this episode of dashboard tours, I took i93 south from Concord, the capital of New Hampshire and headed to the city of Manchester. My goal would be to drive through one of the very few bad areas in the whole state of New Hampshire. The area I picked is in a rundown part of town just outside of downtown Manchester. But as you’ll see, bad for New Hampshire would be good for a lot of the...

Most Dangerous Places to Live in New Hampshire

In this video I cover the most dangerous places to live in New Hampshire, including the top 10 cities with the highest crime rate. Keep in mind that New Hampshire ranks among the safest states in the entire country. You can reach me by phone, text or email at any time, I'm always ready to help you! Cody Barna - Realtor Call/Text Direct at 603-851-3164 Email: codybarnarealestate@gmail.com Licensed in New Hampshire

How to Get FREE things on Craigslist

In this video, I show you how to get free things from people by using Craigslist. Link to the blog: craigslist-how-to-use.blogspot.com/

Security Camera Captures What No One Was Supposed to See

Closed Circuit TV technology was invented by a German electrical engineer, initially for the purpose of learning about, not people. However, the U.S. government quickly picked up on this hot new wartime technology. And by 1949, they started selling this technology for use in the commercial space. And that’s how we have security cameras! And that is why we have moments like these, forever captured on film... Embarrassing robbery attempts, cats...

10 Prospect Street #14, Manchester, NH 03104

This apartment is listed on Craigslist here: nh.craigslist.org/sub/d/one-bedroom-apt-central/6622046331.html

New Hampshire Still Affordable

In this video we determine if New Hampshire is still affordable. Using data to break down the cost of living in the Granite State. You can reach me by phone, text or email at any time, I'm always ready to help you! Cody Barna - Realtor Call/Text Direct at 603-851-3164 Email: codybarnarealestate@gmail.com Licensed in New Hampshire

AVOID MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA - Unless You Can Deal With These 10 Facts | Living in North Carolina

Living in North Carolina can be amazing but you might want to avoid moving to North Carolina unless you can deal with these 10 or so facts. SirAshley.com. Call/Text 704-775-1236 Some people will find these as a major attraction for moving to North Carolina, while others see them as a reason to stay far away. Either way, each one should be seriously considered deciding to relocate to North Carolina. We have so many people contacting us...

How to make sure a prostitute is not a cop


A Neighbor Asked Me To Have Our Viewers Review This Footage Taken In The Woods On Our Property Line

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Buying A $5,000 House: Cheap Houses For Sale 😱

Buying A $5,000 House: Cheap Houses For Sale 😱 Email for Business Inquiries ONLY: journeywiththehintons@gmail.com Subscribe to our VLOG channel: youtube.com/channel/UC7AdGH2Jt3gyNuntPWYGNVQ Get your "ALL WE DO IS WIN" merch here: journey-with-the-hintons-2.creator-spring.com *FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM* MONIQUE IG: instagram.com/iammoniquehinton CALVIN IG: instagram.com/calsolive 📬SEND US SOMETHING📬 Calvin & Monique Hinton PO Box...

craigslist seller REFUSES to meet in lobby

Transcript of a strange craiglist experience I had this week. I was so odd that I had to make a video about it. Music by davidcuttermusic.com/

$1,500 Down Payment - Owner Financed 15 acres with Natural Creek and gorgeous meadow! ID#PH13

This stunning acreage is located toward the end of a gravel road (very private) and offers a private driveway leading down to an open meadow and a BEAUTIFUL creek bed! - We offer Instant Owner Financing on this property with NO credit check - Please click on the direct link below to see full details on this large acreage in the Missouri Ozarks: InstantAcres.com/parcel/ph13 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE: ...

TOP Used Cars Under $1000 Equal To 1 iPhone SUV Battle

How to buy used car These Used Cars Cost Less Than $1,000 You might not think it would be possible to find a running, functioning car for $1,000 or less. You might be right – or you might be surprised. A recent survey of used car listings found a number of seemingly serviceable vehicles for $1,000 or less. Keep in mind, you’re not going to get an immaculate car for that price, and many of the ones we found had cosmetic issues at a minimum,...

Exploring an ABANDONED Sand and Gravel Crusher (Hooksett, NH)

J-MASS INSTAGRAM: @jmassofficial In the woods of Hooksett, New Hampshire sits a massive site sprawling with abandoned equipment and machinery, all rusted away from time. This was once a sand and gravel quarry that used massive crushing machines to turn stone into gravel and refine sand, with a vast system of conveyer belts linking each machine to each other for efficiency. While not much is known about this site, it is said to date back to...