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NEW Step-Up Rent to Own Program for Stringed Instruments

This video highlights our new step-up rent to own program for violin, viola, or cello.

Rent My Instrument: Easy as 1-2-3

Thousands of parents use RentMyInstrument.com to find the perfect and affordable school band or orchestra instrument for their child. Learn how we can help you with fast and easy online rentals of teacher-approved musical instruments for your child.

Best Musical Instrument Rental | RentMYinstrument.com

rentmyinstrument.com/instruments Looking to rent an instrument? Looking for a rent-to-own musical instrument? RentMYinstrument.com provides the nation's greatest instrument rental program. You can actually pick the brand of instrument you're looking for instead of getting a "mystery instrument." RentMYinstrument provides 50% off your remaining balance at anytime. No Long term contracts of

The Rieman Music Rent to Own Program

If you’re in need of an instrument for school band then this is the plan for you. We rent alto sax, clarinet, a combo kit, flute, trombone, and trumpet. This video will highlight some of the features of our plan.

Affordable Instruments Rent to Own (New 50% off Purchase Price)

Instruments are more affordable with rent to own plans. Craig Johnson of Johnson Music discusses rent to own programs and the new

The Rieman Music Rent to Own Program

Description of our rental program for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bell kit, snare kit.

Rent - To - Own Band Instruments with C. A. House Music!

Rent to own your beginning band instrument today with @CAHouseMusic !! Visit cahousemusic.com/aerntschoolselect.aspx to rent your instrument today!

Rent Out Your Instruments Get Fretish!

Ever want to rent an instrument or piece of gear for a day? What about rent out your guitar and make a little bit of money on the side? Fretish has you covered! Fretish: fretish.com/ Fretish Blog: blog.fretish.com/ Fretish FAQ: fretish.com/en/infos/how_to_use Thanks to Fretish for sponsoring this video! Links: Facebook: facebook.com/RiffsAndBeards Amazon Store: amazon.com/shop/fluff191 Instagram: ...

Renting a Music Instrument... Is it worth it

Are you renting or thinking about renting a flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or french horn? Though rentals may seem like your only option they aren't. There are multiple options and renting is potentially the most expensive! Find out all you need about renting, buying, and your best option, Overture, by DF Music in this short video Find out more about purchasing with Overture's buyback options here: ...

Rent a Musical Instrument with Musifai

Musifai is a musical instrument e-commerce platform that provides rentals and purchase services for all kinds of musical instruments. Check out which musical instrument is a good fit for you and give it a try at musifai.com.

Lease to Learn - An Introduction to Instrument Rentals

Here Chris White walks you through our instrument rental process. It's Convenient, Fast, and Easy! Get your rental started today: whitehouseofmusic.com/musical-instrument-rental/ --------------------------------------------------------- Stay Connected: → whitehouseofmusic.com/ → facebook.com/whitehouseofmusic → twitter.com/whitehouseofmus → instagram.com/whitehouseofmusic/

RMSides Rent-To-Own Program

Peter Sides, co-owner and President, explains our instrumental rent-to-own program.

Our Rent to Own Plan

Video shows the entire instrument rent-to-own process. Offers tips on what to bring and what you will need to rent an instrument.