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Craigslist Rental Scam Warning

A young couple rents a home, only to learn it was really a scam...and now the real landlord wants them out.

Newest Craigslist Scams - Apartment Housing Rental Scams

Find out the latest scams when searching cheap Craigslist apartments for rent, we almost got scammed by two people. Emails from realtyagent.com aren't always legitimate - don't get tricked! Every Tenant's Legal Guide Book: amzn.to/2XsGrWl The Wealthy Renter: How to Choose Housing That Will Make You Rich Book: amzn.to/2xoyxmh Transform Your Home Without Losing Your Deposit Book: amzn.to/3b3ij0H What I use for my green screen...

How To Find A Room To Rent Online

How To Find A Room To Rent Online // If you're thinking about moving out of your parent's house but don't have much money saved up, then renting a room is the least expensive option. If you want to move out without spending tons of money on furnishing your apartment, then renting a room from someone will save you a LOT of money. In this video we cover how to find a room to rent online using apps and websites. We also talk a lot about how to...

Craigslist Roommates

everyone's favorite website leaves me shook

Renting a Room on Craigslist ...

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craigslist rooms for rent scams video

craigslist rooms for rent scams video

How to Put your Room for Rent on Craigslist

fortiment.com Stop Foreclosure by Rent your Rooms on craigslist

How To Create A Roommate Ad For Craigslist/Facebook | Step-By-Step Guide | Landlord

Want to rent a room but don't know how to advertise? Download these free resources to get started! maxmymoney.org/rentyourroom

How To Spot a Fake Rental: Avoiding Rental Scams

Todd and Oana talk about how to spot a fake rental and how to avoid a rental scam. Most rentals that are listed on sites like Zillow, Zumper and the MLS are legitimate, but many people list bogus rentals and try to get prospective tenants to hand over money without actually owning a property or being a property manager. There are a few rules you should be aware of to avoid rentals scams: 1) Never give cash for a rental unless you have 100%...

HOW TO FIND AFFORDABLE APARTMENT ON CRAIGSLIST | How to find an affordable apartment

Finding an affordable apartment on craigslist can be a hustle considering there is not set up structure to protect you from getting scam. I did find my apartment on craigslist and I just wanted to share the things I learned on the way and also my exact experience dealing with other landlords and my current landlord as well. I will say that one thing that really lead me to where i am now was prayers. Sometimes, we don't always think of praying...

Exposing Craigslist Rental Scams

Are you currently trying to rent a home? When people are searching for a property to rent, the one thing as a Myrtle Beach real estate agent that I always caution people on is trying to rent a home through Craigslist. When it comes to renting a home, using Craigslist or Facebook marketplace as a means is a really bad idea. Unfortunately there are more scams happening than real ones. Instead, when you are considering a rental, use a...

Extreme Money Saving Tips | Renting A Room

Need to save some money fast? Then you might have to go to extremes. In the past I've had to resort to some pretty drastic measures to save up enough money to pay bills, get rid of debts, and achieve some of my life goals. I wanted to start sharing some of these extreme money saving tips with everyone in hopes that they might be useful to others. In today's video I'll be talking about how to save money each month by renting a room instead of a...

Rooms for Rent $300 a Month Near Me | Unbelievable Deal Alert

Unbelievable Deal Alert: $300/Month Rooms for Rent in Your Area! In this video, we'll help you to find affordable hotel and motel rooms for rent near you under $300 a month, and choose the right rooms that fit your needs and budget. Need more help? Want to rent your room? Visit 👉 hotels4lodge.com/rooms-for-rent-300-a-month-near-me/ Thanks for watching. Subscribe to the channel. Topics covered: best cheap rooms for rent, cheap rooms for...

Craigslist housing scam

For anyone looking to rent a house, we have a warning for you.